Strutting Your Individuality with Custom Made Shoes

Ordering a pair of custom made shoes from Singapore can be a great step in showcasing your individuality. Whether you want to highlight your uniqueness with a hot pink loafer, a wholecut made of leather and furnished with one back beam, chisel-toed Derby boots and Oxford brogues with easy-to-untie laces, Lizard skin boots or a rounded-toe platform heel in yellow leather, bespoke shoes providers in Singapore can help you to fulfill your dreams. And since, the cobblers make bespoke hand-sewn shoes form the measurements, design ideas and choices of their clients, custom-made shoes allows you to get shoes with a specific individual touch that reflects your personality.

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Achieving Individuality

To create shoes that reflect your individuality, you need to identify your tastes and preferences and define your personality. Spend some time reflecting upon what you really like in a shoe and what is so good about yourself that should come out boldly in your outfits. What type of shoe gives you more confidence? What colors are you comfortable with?

Secondly, you should cruise through your photos and pick out the ones you feel represent your most stylish self. What type of shoes are you wearing on the photos? Why are they so good? If you really like the shoes, then they are the ones that epitomize your real personal style and should act as inspiration for your custom made shoes. Thirdly, by conducting a bit of research on Google, Pinterest or Instagram, you can identify shoes that reflect your true style. For instance, as you run through different images from different sources, figure out the kinds of shoes that you like and the ones you dislike. Those you like should guide the choices you make when ordering custom made shoes from Singapore.

Moreover, when considering the persona you want to project to the world, you should ensure that your shoes make sense in your overall lifestyle, field of work, city where you live and are aligned to your long-term goals. For example, if you are looking for a better job, you should go for custom made shoes that are ideal for attending interviews in your line of work. What if your work environment casual, or if you want to work in the fashion industry and need trendy shoes? Whichever long-term goals you have, make sure that the custom made shoes style you choose can help you realize them.

Once you identify your personal style, you need to schedule a meeting with a bespoke shoe designer in Singapore to discuss your design ideas, styles and preferences. The designer will take you through a broad range of materials, skins, colors and styles and will guide you on how to make the right decisions. In fact, the shoemaker will not only help you to choose a shoe style that match your personality, but will also boost your mobility, comfort, prestige and status in life.

Steps of Selecting Perfect Shoes for Your Individuality

There are infinite steps for creating the perfect custom made shoes from Singapore. However, the most important steps are:

  1. Style of shoe: Style of shoe is typically the first thing you must pick. Make sure to choose a style that suits your personal tastes and needs.
  2. Color of shoe: Color of shoe and its leather material is the second choice you have to make. There are different types of shoe colors, from standard black, burgundy, tanned, brown to obscure blue and purple colors. Similarly, there are different types of leather, including top-grain ‘nubucks’ leather, full-grain cow-hide leather, and high-quality corrected-grain suede leather. Make sure to pick the right color and type of leather.
  3. Shape of shoe: The shape of your shoe refers to the overall look it will have. Primarily, there are 3 different toe shapes, square, round and chisel, with the square toes being common among people of 40 years and over while round and chisel toed shoes are popular among the younger generation.
  4. Brogues of shoe: Brogues are decorative perforations on shoes and you can choose unique ones to add your personal touch to the shoes. In fact, shoes can be brogue in different ways to reflect individuality. The more brogues there are in a shoe, the less formal the shoe is.
  5. Front of shoe: You should design the front of your shoes as uniquely as you can. Get inspiration from popular designs such as Oxford, Derby, and Monk Straps.
  6. Side of shoe: Take your time to give your shoes the most creative side. You can get ideas from the most popular designs such as Oxford’s side design and Derby’s side design.
  7. Back of shoe: Run through the most common and popular designs for shoe back and pick one that you really like.

After you add your front, side, back and brogues design together, you can now order your shoes. And depending on the materials and shoemaker, it will take 3 weeks to 3 months to have your custom made shoes from Singapore completed.

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