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At the heart of Manhattan lies a beautifully crafted Multiplicity that offers an environment that is more than just a place where you can shop but also get a chance to create and grow in whichever field you like. You will never miss to attend the different classes available which are taught by talented instructors in the field.

Designing the studio classes

The classes are designed in such a way that every individual is able to grow their individual talent to the fullest. There are 3 types of classes which are available at Multiplicity; there is the 2 Day technique jewelry classes, 4 day into course and different other workshops. If you source the information online you will get all that you need on the venue where they are held and the amenities that are included. Each of the classes is designed to deal with certain disciplines within the metalsmithing.This ensures that students are better focused on developing specific skills. The classes work best if they are combined so you should free to make a choice on which skill you think best suits you and what skills will complete your aspirations.

Open studio membership

You can also join any of the scheduled classes if you wish to get customized or private services you can also get in touch with them if you are planning to have an educational and fun day. There is also an open membership option available so that people can get access to the studio and equipment. There is also an open studio membership that is available. The open studio membership aims at providing an environment where members will have access to the matslamithing studio and full jewelry which includes torches, machinery, torches and equipments.

Once you are enrolled as a member of this program you will have the choice of completing projects that are both self-designed creation or from the classes available. They also use different tools and equipments that don’t need any personal investment or metalsmithing education. All the members of this program will need to have their own set of materials that are used to work within the studio. You can also get the items from the Multiplicity metal studio within the working hours.

A look into the Paint studio

There are a lot of classes and workshops within Multiplicity Paint Studio that makes use of the Sloan Chalk Paint to make awesome designs from old furniture into awesome decorative pieces. Regardless of whether you are beginning from scratch or you are a painting veteran, you will always have skilled instructors that will help you in creating and designing awesome piece of art. Within the paint studio there are two types of classes. There is the chalk paint 202 as well as other projects that utilize chalk paint decorative paints by Annie Sloan. If you want more information on the class descriptions you can check their website. There is also a hotline number that you can call if you have questions on which classes might be useful and information on the different techniques.

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