Display mannequins, creating the best window dressing

Whether you have a lingerie store, a vintage boutique, a footwear e-commerce or a maternity wear store, there are professional window mannequins for you, to increase the appeal of your products and create an eye-catching shop display, from plus-size mannequins and pregnant mannequins to sexy mannequins, available in all colours and shapes, both realistic and abstract.

If you do not need full-body mannequins, body forms are also available, including panty display forms, bra displays, jewellery busts and hosiery legs. There is a wide range of mannequin forms for you to choose from, ranging from basic plastic shapes and stylized legs for hosiery shows to tailor’s dummies and realistic life-size mannequins.

Display mannequins, creating the best window dressing


Professional window mannequins may appear to be exorbitantly expensive, but, like most display items, they pay for themselves with enhanced sales over short periods of time. Never undervalue the selling power of a good, eye-catching and alluringwindow display. Busts for bra displays and full-round butt forms to display lingerie are proven sellers. Mannequin busts are awesome for selling hats, caps and bijoux. Hands to display fake nails, jewels, accessories and gloves, and feet to show off socks, sandals and footwearare just a couple ofexamples of mannequin forms available on the market.

At first, female window mannequins were wood or paperboard cut-outs, some with doweled joints for posing.Window mannequinsnow cover a wide range of styles, from no-frills, slightly formed shapes in plain colours, also known asabstract window mannequins, to fully painted, realistic life-size women with breasts, hips and even nipples. Painted fingernails and toenails are also common in high-quality mannequins. Window mannequins may have stylized sculpted hair or may come bald and need wigs. They may have feet for high heels or fittings to allow them to wear boots.

Male mannequins have never become as popular as female ones. They usually come in one basic size with a 38-40″ chest, approximately six feet tall. Sometimes they come with facial hairand eyebrows and sometimes they are headless. Unlike females, male mannequins have barely entered the territory of plus-sizes.

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