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The Hat is back

In years gone by, nobody would step out of the house without a hat. That all changed decades ago, when pretty much everyone stopped wearing hats. However, the streetwear scene of the late 80s started to change that. Surfers and skateboarders wanted clothing that allowed them to stay outside for longer. Often, that meant wearing […]

Accessorize an outfit on a budget

Any outfit can benefit from accessorizing by using a scarf, footwear, a purse or jewelry to bring out the various subtle characteristics from the clothing being worn.  It can be as simple as a understated broach on the lapel of a dress or a stunning ring which can draw attention to the hand of a […]

Strutting Your Individuality with Custom Made Shoes

Ordering a pair of custom made shoes from Singapore can be a great step in showcasing your individuality. Whether you want to highlight your uniqueness with a hot pink loafer, a wholecut made of leather and furnished with one back beam, chisel-toed Derby boots and Oxford brogues with easy-to-untie laces, Lizard skin boots or a […]

4 Tips for marketing with brochures and club flyers

Every advertiser always tries to find the economical ways of marketing the products, events and seminars. There are plenty of ways to make the brochure printing and flyers effective tools but it takes time and smart planning. It is literally important to write and design your business copy well and get the good response from […]

Fashion for all: A wardrobe Makeover

ust as the seasons change, so do fashions. There’s a new trend and new style for every season. Come fall and every brand will display their amazing fall collection. With shortage of time and the festive season nearly upon us, it’s the digital shopping sites which comes to our rescue. And what can be more […]

Display mannequins, creating the best window dressing

Whether you have a lingerie store, a vintage boutique, a footwear e-commerce or a maternity wear store, there are professional window mannequins for you, to increase the appeal of your products and create an eye-catching shop display, from plus-size mannequins and pregnant mannequins to sexy mannequins, available in all colours and shapes, both realistic and […]

Men’s Biggest Fashion Crimes infographic

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Halloween: Dress up Your Eyes infographic

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Rent a Tuxedo infographic

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Cat Sweater Infographic

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